Men I Trust

Men I Trust is an indie-electro-dream pop trio from Quebec City, Quebec formed in 2014 and made up of Jessy Caron (guitar, bass, keyboards), Emma Proulx (vocals) and Dragos Chiriac (keyboards, mastering). Former singer (2014-2015) was Odile Marmet-Rochefort.

They are all in DIY: record, mix, master, shoot their music videos themselves and self-manage.

In an interview, the band explained their songwriting: “We will never write about something we don’t feel deeply and directly about. So that’s why a lot of our lyrics are kind of philosophic ideas, because they convey a general feeling that we have. It’s important for us that the lyrics be timeless, so we can think about the lyrics longer than the music. It’s always something that happened to us. It’s never an imaginary story or character. It’s always true and true to us. The three of us have to feel it.”

In a Reddit live Q&A, Emma stated about their band name: “Jessy and Dragos created the band before I arrived and they wanted to have a positive band name. They first wanted to call it simply ‘Trust’ but the name was already taken. It became Men I Trust.”

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